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July 28, 2011

The Ino’s Blog: Evening Assembly, Morning Assembly

Yesterday, David Coady’s brothers arrived at City Center. In the evening, there were small group discussions in lieu of the regular Wednesday evening dharma talk. Shundo, our ‘town crier’, describes the evening and the service held this morning, too:

Afterwards all the groups came together in the grey light of the courtyard, a typical summer evening cool breeze blowing, to fill the space with the chanting of the Refuges.

This morning we had the first of what will be seven memorial services, to take us through the traditional forty-nine day period. During the Dai Hi Shin Dharani, everyone stood up and took a turn to offer incense as we chanted. I am not sure where we got the dedications for these services from; each makes an appeal to a different buddha or bodhisattva, and the phrasing is unlike anything else we use.

via The Ino’s Blog: Evening Assembly, Morning Assembly.


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  1. James P. Coady-Hahn / Jul 31 2011

    Thank you for taking such good care of all the Coady boys. We are grateful. We are also very happy to know you will be doing the Monk viewing and send off of the body (I apologize if my words are imprecise). Humbly yours

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