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October 3, 2017

Hilary Parsons and Lin Zenki: Photo Album

Photos provided by Diane Miller.

A residents’ meeting in the City Center dining room in the 1990s. From left to right: Matt Chapman, Vincent Mahoney, unknown, Hilary Parsons, Melody Haller, Gerald ?, Paul Haller, Wendy Lewis

From left: Barbara Kohn, Victoria Austin, Hilary Parsons at Zoketsu Norman Fischer’s Mountain Seat Ceremony, 1995.

Blue heron in the City Center courtyard. During a ceremony in the Buddha Hall, the heron ate the goldfish/koi in the fountain.

Hilary Parsons in the courtyard after the heron ate the fish.

Hilary Parsons as work leader at City Center in the 1990s.

Hilary Parsons sitting in the City Center courtyard, where she gardened and cared for the space.

Hilary Parsons in 2014.

Lin Zenki in the Residents’ Lounge at City Center during a celebration of her birthday.

Lin Zenki in the City Center dining room, 1990s.

Lin Zenki with Zenkei Blanche Hartman in the City Center dining room, 1990s.

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